Overnight Shelter Guest Ministry Whether people have come to the mission needing help with substance abuse, or whether they just need a little help to get back on their feet, we provide meals, a chapel service, showers, and overnight lodging to all who have needs.

Women and Children’s Ministry In the early years of the ministry most of the homeless we ministered to were homeless men. Because of the increase in homeless women and children in our area, and our burden to reach all the needy in our area, in October, 2002 we opened a free, emergency shelter for 14 of the estimated 400 homeless women and children.

Nightly Chapel Ministries

Men’s Chapel Service For over 40 years, the mission has provided nightly chapel services to share the good news of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. Our chapel speakers are volunteers who come once a month to encourage and be a blessing to those who need Christ in their lives.

Women’s Chapel Service Separate chapel services are provided each night for our female shelter guests and program members. Godly women from area churches volunteer their time to provide music and teach the Word of God so that these women can come to know Christ as Savior and learn to live for Him.

Steps of Faith Discipleship Program Some of those to whom we minister realize they need to make changes in their lives and will enroll in our 12-month alcohol and drug program. Because we believe that only the Word of God and His Holy Spirit can change lives, all our classes and programs are Biblically based. In addition to the extensive Bible training, our men SDP’s receive counseling and encouragement. While in this program, all of their needs are provided for them free of charge.

The first nine months of the program focuses on a classroom setting and then the last three months of the Steps of Faith Discipleship Program is a transition period.  SDPs work outside the mission but continue to stay at the mission where food, shelter, and guidance are provided. As they transition back into society, we continue to monitor their success and provide continued counseling as needed.