Refreshing Water

Thanks to our generous donors, the men’s shelter received a brand new water filtration system. The men are grateful for the cold, clean water available after coming in and out of the heat.

Kingdom Coffee

Stan and Will visited Teresa and Gary at Kingdom Coffee. The Johnston’s have volunteered and given to the Mission for years. They have a new coffee shop in Chicamauga. The coffee, food and fellowship were outstanding!

Dollar Tree

When we buy bleach at the mission we go BIG! Bleach is used to keep things clean and safe for our guests. The staff at Dollar Tree on Gunbarrel Road were very helpful and gave us a good price.

Men’s Entrance Ceiling Updated

You may remember the water damage from past leaks in the men’s shelter entrance ceiling. The new roof solved the leak issues. Ron and Cliff did an excellent job of replacing the ceiling. Samuel then added new LED lights.