The Chattanooga Rescue Mission

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Bunch of sauce!

  That is a bunch of sauce! The mission bought spaghetti sauce for the shelter meal. Most of our food is donated, but sometimes we buy needed items. Looking at our canned food inventory, this is a great time for a food drive! Would you like to host a canned…

Whose in charge?

  Whose in charge? Will watched kid videos while dad lead a group sorting clothes. Do you know of a group that would be interested in volunteering to sort clothes or work on grounds beautification? We would love to talk with them. Please contact us through the link below.…

A Go-getter!

  It is so nice to work with a go-getter! They show initiative and work hard. Chuck has been at the mission for a couple of weeks and he has jumped right in working to meet needs. On this morning he is hanging blinds in the men's shelter bunk room.…


  Conroy has been volunteering at the mission for over three years. He is an electrician who helps us with electrical and maintenance projects. We enjoy having him on our team.  

Who is up?

It is 3:06 am. Who is up at this time of night!!? The C.R.M Night Shelter Manager. He has security checks he monitors throughout the late shift. It helps keep the mission a safe place for our guests.