Marilyn’s Flowers

Marilyn has been transforming the Mission grounds! She is watering the garden by the front door. Planted in this area are zinnias, marigolds, monkey grass, purple heart, mums, and butterfly bush.

Flag Day

Today is Flag Day. June 14 is the anniversary of the Stars and Stripes as the official United States flag starting in 1777.

Erlanger Hams

Our friends at Erlanger are supporting the Mission. William L. Jackson Jr. MD, MBA donated 156 hams! Floyd Chasse MS, SPHR brought the hams and is pictured here with Ben holding one of the boxes.


Mrs. Kaye shared a testimony from one of our shelter ladies. The guest said, “I look forward to coming here at night. I know we will have a hot supper and get out of the cold. This is my safe place.”