“Sow beside all waters.” Isa 32:20


“Sow beside all waters.” Isa 32:20

“Never mind whereabouts your work is. Never mind whether it be visible or not. Never mind whether your name is associated with it. You may never see the issues of your toils.

You are working for eternity. If you cannot see results here in the hot working day, the cool evening hours are drawing near, when you may rest from your labors and then they will follow you.

So do your duty, and trust God to give the seed you sow. . .” – Alexander Maclaren

Let’s be honest

Let’s be honest. Doesn’t God provide for our needs? Woody commented on these drinks that came in. He said, “See, God provides for us. We needed more drinks and look what came in.” How has God provided for you this week? Please leave your comments below.

Amazing man!

Amazing man! – Brian knows how to repair all kinds of things at the mission. If he does not know how to fix something, he looks it up on the internet and figures it out.

Final Inspection New Roof

roof shot

The final inspection for the new roof was performed and Wednesday we received our official 30 year warranty! A special thanks for all your support as we saw the Lord meet this tremendous need.

Brian volunteers


Brian worked on removing objects that could puncture tires after our roofing project was complete. He gives his time each week to work on maintenance needs throughout the facility.

Food Pick Up

food pick up

Food pickup – we are so grateful for them! Local grocery stores donate food to the mission on a weekly schedule. The food is used in the lunches and shelter meals we serve daily.
Do you know a grocery store in the Chattanooga area that would be willing to donate food to the mission? Please contact us through the comments section below.

Pastor Cliff

Pastor Cliff

Pastor Cliff Hudson brought by casseroles for the mission meals. This is an ongoing ministry from Silverdale Cumberland Presbyterian Church.