Let’s Talk Turkey

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Leading up to our Thanksgiving meal each year we receive donated turkeys.  The turkeys are cooked at the beginning of Thanksgiving week and are prepared on Wednesday at our annual Turkey Pull.  This year we plan to prepare 20 turkeys for our big Thanksgiving meal.  Last year, we fed 409 people on Thanksgiving Day.  The turkeys not used for the meal are frozen and we incorporate them into the shelter meal throughout the year.

James 4:14


. . . the friendship of the world is enmity with God. James 4:4

“It is like the ivy with the oak. The ivy may give the oak a grand, beautiful appearance, but all the while it is feeding on its vitals.

Are we compromising with the enemies of God?
Are we being embraced by the world by its honors, its pleasures, its applause?

This may add to us in the world’s estimation, but our strength becomes lost.” – Denham Smith


Conroy is retiring


Conroy is retiring from mission work after several years of volunteering his time. He has been a great help in the areas of electrical and maintenance. We wish him the best as he continues to serve the Lord.




Brokenness is telling God He has permission to change anything in my life. – Tom Palmer



More light


It never hurts to have more light. Especially when you want to create a safe place for people to stay the night. Conroy fixed the outside lamps to give more light to the men’s side of the mission.




SOLD!!! We are thanking the Lord for his goodness and answer to prayer! The mission’s 8th street property was sold last week!  The proceeds from the sale were put toward paying down mission debt. The mission is now debt free.  In the picture from the left are: James Perry, Donald Baer, Dale Grisso, Katrina Morrow and Justin Cox.

The shelter was full again tonight.


It is 10 pm. Ron’s shift is ending. The shelter was full again tonight. Your support of the mission gives these men a cool place to sleep, a hot meal, and preaching of the Word of God.