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One thought on “Liking the Likes!

  1. It is my pleasure to reconnect with the Mission after securing an apartment and settling in. Tonight, the show “Americas Got Talent” was watched.
    One group of a ‘real meaning’ behind their voices was performing and won a standing ovation…the kind that thrills the soul! They were a collective group of different ages and gender singing, “Listen to the Sidewalk.” Advocating music heals and with a voice for Americas Homeless. This group presents the power to make the dream of talented homeless persons, performing on the streets for pocket change, to see a dream come true with perhaps a local chapter or becoming a member, rising above homelessness engaging their God-given talent with this group.
    Hands across America might become the link through such a group as this one, “Voices of Our City,” to help reduce the dramatic numbers each state sees of its endless sidewalks. Homelessness does not discriminate and with the restrictions of COVID-19, more citizens are speaking out the hardships of being out-of-work. Working in TEAMS is not enough in these tough times to help everyone although there is ‘strength in numbers.’
    Whatever connection the Mission can establish with such a group as this one surely would benefit a homeless person with talent. Americas Got Talent also welcomed a group of young people from the country of India doing acrobatic routines to pull them up from poverty. Each city has a stage and we know ‘the world is a stage’ when it comes to teamwork needed.
    Thank you for your time. CB

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