Unique Role

Melissa plays a unique role as one of our volunteers. She volunteers remotely and helps to run our email marketing campaigns. She works on special projects and has been helping with communication for our big Thanksgiving Day event. We are very grateful for her...

SOW Ministry

  The SOW Ministry came and volunteered their time sorting clothes in the gym.  

Bro. Kinsey

  We are very glad to have Bro. Kinsey teaching in the Christian Life Program and filling in for us in the shelter chapel. He was a missionary in South Africa for 26 years.  

A Go-getter!

  It is so nice to work with a go-getter! They show initiative and work hard. Chuck has been at the mission for a couple of weeks and he has jumped right in working to meet needs. On this morning he is hanging blinds in the men’s shelter bunk room....

Thomas jumps in

 Thomas attended the tour and has jumped right into volunteering at the mission. He comes once a week to serve the shelter meal.