Celebrating Veterans Day

I stood behind a Vietnam veteran when I was waiting in line to vote on Tuesday. It was a living reminder of how our veterans fought to keep our country free so we can have the opportunity to vote. A suggested goal for today would be to thank one veteran for their...

Turkeys on the Move

This is getting exciting! Rosa is moving the turkeys over to the cooler to thaw. It is the first stage in preparing them for Thanksgiving Day. We plan to cook 66 turkeys for this year’s dinner.

Turkey Update

We are grateful for the turkey donations that have been coming into the Mission. We have received 17 turkeys and 5 hams. We still need 10 more turkeys and 45 hams to be donated.

Thanksgiving Food Donations

We are looking forward to our Thanksgiving meal coming up soon. The Mission is accepting food donations in preparation for the dinner. You can use a food donation form which lists needed items if you would like to provide food for this event. The form is on our...

Busy Kitchen

The kitchen staff is planning to cook 66 turkeys and 61 hams this year for Thanksgiving Day dinner. The turkeys and hams are donated from individuals and groups who want to help the homeless on this special day of the year.