Bunch of Turkeys

Terry from Silverdale Baptist Church came by to help deliver 60 turkeys from Silverdale for our Thanksgiving meal!

Kenny Volunteers

Preparations for Thanksgiving Day are continuing at the mission. Kenny volunteered for an entire day to help Stan scrub and finish the floor in the dining room.

Spreading the Word

The bilingual Thanksgiving Day flyer is complete! We would appreciate any help distributing the flyer in the community during the week before and the week of Thanksgiving. If you would like to help distribute fliers, please contact us through our website or Facebook...

Meal delivery to the Chatt Inn

We are grateful for a long-standing relationship with the Chatt Inn. The Mission is going to be providing meals through the carry-out arm of the Thanksgiving Day outreach. We will be delivering 130 meals to their location on 23rd Street on Thanksgiving Day.

Samuel’s Dedication

You probably remember that Samuel was our kitchen manager and head of maintenance. He now works full-time in another maintenance position. He still comes in once a week to handle maintenance items for the mission. We are very grateful for his dedication and for...

Volunteers Helping with Clothes

Volunteers were in the gym re-organizing our clothes donation system. We give clothing to the homeless every night in the shelter. This time of year we receive many donations from people throughout Chattnooga.