Faithful Kenny was back again this year to help scrub and put new finish on the dining room floor. The floor revitalization is always a milestone for our staff. It’s a reminder that things are progressing toward our big event on Thanksgiving Day.

A Chattanooga Nightly Refuge

It was 41 degrees last night at the Mission. We had 20 women and 58 men to come in out of the cold.   

A HUGE 👏🏻 thank you to all our faithful supporters who enable the mission to help people come in off the cold streets at night!  Because of your faithfulness and God‘s goodness, we have never missed a night of being open as a community refuge. 

Demetrius is Back

Demetrius has been back in the shelter with us. I always enjoy having him around. He keeps us entertained with his great sense of humor. A big thank you to our donors! Your support provided a safe, warm place for Demetrius to stay tonight.

Let’s Talk Turkey



Leading up to our Thanksgiving meal each year we receive donated turkeys.  The turkeys are cooked at the beginning of Thanksgiving week and are prepared on Wednesday at our annual Turkey Pull.  This year we plan to prepare 20 turkeys for our big Thanksgiving meal.  Last year, we fed 409 people on Thanksgiving Day.  The turkeys not used for the meal are frozen and we incorporate them into the shelter meal throughout the year.

Mornings Come Quickly


Doesn’t it seem like mornings come quickly? Chris is getting his things together to start a new day after sleeping in his mission bunk.


Who is up?

It is 3:06 am. Who is up at this time of night!!? The C.R.M Night Shelter Manager. He has security checks he monitors throughout the late shift. It helps keep the mission a safe place for our guests.