Conroy has been volunteering at the mission for over three years. He is an electrician who helps us with electrical and maintenance projects. We enjoy having him on our team.  

Who is up?

It is 3:06 am. Who is up at this time of night!!? The C.R.M Night Shelter Manager. He has security checks he monitors throughout the late shift. It helps keep the mission a safe place for our guests.

Old Friends

  It was great to see some old friends from the Christian Life Program who graduated in 2009! Eli and Pablo came by the mission recently. They allowed us to record a video testimony.

Donate soap to CRM

 As you are traveling and in hotel rooms, please keep us in mind. Save your soaps and shampoos that you do not use to donate to the CRM.The travel size soaps and shampoos are great for use here with our shelter guests. As you can imagine, we need quite a…