Silverdale Baptist Missions Conference

The mission staff is excited about the opportunity to be apart of the Silverdale Baptist Church missions conference this week. The mission will have a display table and a staff member will be attending each event. We hope to see some of you there.  

Mission Tour

  The mission tour is a special time when we enjoy meeting new friends. The tour tells of the history, purpose, and goals of the mission. Time is reserved at the end of the tour to discuss volunteer opportunities with those that are interested. The next mission tour is Thursday,…


  Stan saw Charlie at our recent visit to Silverdale Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Charlie volunteers at the mission by researching items we need to purchase.  

Let’s Talk Turkey

  Leading up to our Thanksgiving meal each year we receive donated turkeys.  The turkeys are cooked at the beginning of Thanksgiving week and are prepared on Wednesday at our annual Turkey Pull.  This year we plan to prepare 20 turkeys for our big Thanksgiving meal.  Last year, we fed…

James 4:14

  . . . the friendship of the world is enmity with God. James 4:4 "It is like the ivy with the oak. The ivy may give the oak a grand, beautiful appearance, but all the while it is feeding on its vitals. Are we compromising with the enemies of…
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