The Daily Refresh

Stan is hanging out in the green room at News Channel 9. He is waiting to go on The Daily Refresh. Sierra is going to talk with him about the Mission’s special Christmas Eve banquet. #newschannel9 #thedailyrefresh

Thanksgiving Thank You

A big thank you to all of you who supported us in prayer, giving, and volunteering during our Thanksgiving Day outreach. We served 1,332 meals on Thanksgiving Day!  This was done through three avenues.  Homeless and neighbors came in to eat with us. Volunteers...

Turkey Update

We are grateful for the turkeys being donated for Thanksgiving Day!  We have received 75 turkeys and 16 hams from individuals, churches and the community!

Unique Role

Melissa plays a unique role as one of our volunteers. She volunteers remotely and helps to run our email marketing campaigns. She works on special projects and has been helping with communication for our big Thanksgiving Day event. We are very grateful for her...

Patriotic Support

Chuck brought us a new flag! He is retired from the Air Force after 21 years and spent 9 years in the Tennessee State Guard. Chuck volunteers his time as an advocate for veterans. #veterans