Giving Thanks!

The Chattanooga Rescue Mission

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Spreading the Word

The bilingual Thanksgiving Day flyer is complete! We would appreciate any help distributing the flyer in the community during the week before and the week of Thanksgiving. If you would like to help distribute fliers, please contact us through our website or Facebook page. Thank you!

Samuel’s Dedication

You probably remember that Samuel was our kitchen manager and head of maintenance. He now works full-time in another maintenance position. He still comes in once a week to handle maintenance items for the mission. We are very grateful for his dedication and for blessing us with his skills. It’s…

Celebrating Veterans Day

I stood behind a Vietnam veteran when I was waiting in line to vote on Tuesday. It was a living reminder of how our veterans fought to keep our country free so we can have the opportunity to vote. A suggested goal for today would be to thank one veteran…
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