Thanksgiving Thank You

A big thank you to all of you who supported us in prayer, giving, and volunteering during our Thanksgiving Day outreach. We served 1,332 meals on Thanksgiving Day!  This was done through three avenues.  Homeless and neighbors came in to eat with us. Volunteers delivered meals.  We also had our third successful year of distributing meals through our drive-through.  Pictured are some of the 490 meals that were delivered to local low income housing facilities. 

Unique Role

Melissa plays a unique role as one of our volunteers. She volunteers remotely and helps to run our email marketing campaigns. She works on special projects and has been helping with communication for our big Thanksgiving Day event. We are very grateful for her investment in the Mission ministry!

Patriotic Support

Chuck brought us a new flag! He is retired from the Air Force after 21 years and spent 9 years in the Tennessee State Guard. Chuck volunteers his time as an advocate for veterans.



Faithful Kenny was back again this year to help scrub and put new finish on the dining room floor. The floor revitalization is always a milestone for our staff. It’s a reminder that things are progressing toward our big event on Thanksgiving Day.

Food for Thanksgiving Day

Our faithful volunteers join us each year to help prepare the Thanksgiving meal. The Mission is accepting food donations in preparation for the dinner. You can use a food donation form which lists needed items if you would like to provide food for this event. The form is on our website. It can be found at this link:


Thanksgiving Plans

The kitchen staff is planning to cook 25 turkeys and 20 hams this year for Thanksgiving Day dinner. The turkeys and hams are donated from individuals and groups who want to help the homeless on this special day of the year.


Verse of the Day

We are blessed at the mission by volunteers like Janis. She sends us a verse of the day and prays for the Mission’s work.
Janis said, “I receive and send out prayer requests for our 80 member prayer team at Stanley Heights Baptist church. It also includes the verse of the day. I send the same verse out to rescue mission volunteers and my family as well. God is good and I am so thankful for this ministry.”

Danielle‘s Care for Homeless Women

This is Danielle.  She is 19 years old. On her own initiative she planned out and executed the idea to donate to homeless women. So she asked her church to be involved, and she put together these bags for our shelter ladies. She plans to keep doing this at various times throughout the year.